What do we need to do now to look back on 2020 as the year we not only helped each other in an emergency, but also the year we changed for good?

In early March – when the spread of coronavirus gathered pace – we established The Relationships Observatory. Here we are gathering examples and insights and using what we learn to help sustain and develop the positives beyond the crisis.

The Moment We Noticed

Bringing together contributions from over 50 collaborators, The Moment We Noticed draws together what we’ve learnt from 100 days of behaving differently

The Spirit of Lockdown

What’s your #SpiritOfLockdown? Our storybook will help you bottle the spirit of your best days to build back better, stronger, and more connected

Sightings from the Observatory

Each week we’ll be publishing reflections on sightings from the Observatory. Where possible, we’ll group sightings by theme to provide structure, but it will take a while to get the formulae right. We would welcome feedback to david@relationshipsproject.org

The thinking around the Observatory

This short blog series shares more about the thinking behind the initiative and dives deeper into some of the issues raised in the Sightings.