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Relationship-Centred Practice: Unpacking the how, what and why

23rd November 2022, Newcastle Upon Tyne

On the 23rd November, we are excited to be co-hosting an event at Northumbria University with the After Disasters Network to explore the how, what and why of relationship-centred practice. We’ll be bringing together thinkers, doers and enablers from different sectors and backgrounds to explore a few key questions: 

  • WHAT do we mean by relationship-centred practice? What are the golden threads? What examples already exist? 
  • WHY is relationship-centred practice important? What change does it unlock? 
  • HOW do we evidence the impact of relationship-centred practice? What already exists and where are the gaps? 
  • HOW do we enable and support relationship-centred practice? What conditions need to be in place? 
  • WHERE might we go next in exploring these lines of enquiry? 

Key information about the event: 

  • 9.30am – 4.30pm at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Accommodation provided for those who require it 
  • Opportunity to meet new people, learn about great examples of relationship-centred practice, and explore how you could embed, strengthen or support relationship-centred practice in your work 
  • Mixture of speakers and practical breakout sessions 
  • RSVPs are now closed but recordings and write ups will be shared afterwards. If you’ve got any questions, is on hand to answer them

The Relationships Collective

A servant leader group helping to shepherd the growth of the field

Do you live, breathe work or dream about great relationships in your workplace, neighbourhood, organisation or society? Are you, like us, enthusiastic about, obsessed with or just plain feverish about the ‘state of relationships’? Are you the sort of person who will ‘bang on’ about why relationships matter to anyone who will listen? At home? At work? At a family event? Whilst chatting to a stranger sitting next to you on a bus? 

If so, we’d love you to join The Collective! The Relationships Collective will be a group of 6 people who together represent just some of the brilliant, enthusiastic, creative and diverse people who are putting relationships first and pioneering a relationship-centred future. Together, you’ll help to turbocharge progress for the field overall.

If you’d like to co-host an event with us on anything to do with relationships and relationship-centred practice, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you

Ongoing Convenings

design with telescope

The Relationships Observatory

A conversation space for reflecting, together, about how our relationships are affected by changing circumstances

Relational Councils Network

A network of local authorities learning and sharing about how to put relationships at the heart of councils 

Events and conversations

Ongoing opportunities – online and in person – to meet new people, develop ideas, share learning and get inspired 

Past Convenings

Side by Side: Community Weavers

A peer learning programme for Community Weavers to support one another in weaving strong communities from the inside 

Relationship Makers: Community Businesses

An 8 week peer learning group for Community Businesses to support one another to build on the positives from the pandemic

Citizen's Rising: A special briefing with Save the Children

In partnership with Save the Children, we have been listening to young people about their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this event, we shared what we have heard and explored together what children and young people need from adult society to be able to thrive

Side by Side: A peer learning programme

Over the first half of 2022, we were honoured to host a group of Community Weavers to explore how we can nurture and sustain the community activity which erupted in the early lockdowns, without controlling and constraining it. Spanning 6 sessions and involving a host of fantastic speakers, it was a great programme  covering a lot of ground.  

Relational Councils: Third Convening

On 25/04/22, we were joined by Bryony Shannon, author of the excellent blog Rewriting Social Care, to explore how local authorities can develop a more relational lexicon. We discussed the impact of language on relationships, words that make us go hmm, and small steps towards shifting language. 

Relational Councils: Second Convening

On 14/02/22, we hosted the second convening for local authorities from different parts of the country. We focused on relational approaches to statutory duties and risk management, hearing from Russ Bellenie and Eliot Fineberg who kicked off the discussion for us. 

Relational Councils: First Convening

On 13/12/21, local authorities from across the country came together to unpick what it means to be a relational council. We heard from LBBD, Tony Clements and others about what they’re working on and surfaced lots of questions to keep the conversation going. 

Nurturing and sustaining community activity

On 10/11/21, we came together to explore how we can nurture and sustain community activity without controlling and constraining it. We explored possibilities as well as challenges, and we plan to keep the conversation going into 2022.

Loneliness and political life: A transatlantic conversation

On 12/10/21 we teamed up with Pepperdine University to explore the effect that loneliness has had on our political lives. Bringing together speakers from different political standpoints, it was a lively and thought-provoking conversation. Our Twitter summary can be found here.

The Lookout: Reflecting on young people's experiences of the pandemic

On 22/09/21, we came together to reflect on the effect that the pandemic has had on young people’s relationships and what adult society needs to do to ensure ‘recovery’ takes into account their needs. This conversation supplements what we’ve been hearing form young people directly.

Measuring relationships: What's the problem?

On 09/06/21 we came together to discuss the ‘measurement problem’. What are we trying to measure when it comes to relationships? What are the risks? Where does potential lie? We surfaced as many questions as we did answers. Our Twitter summary can be found here.

Testimonials from participants

I gain such strength from this group and the people in it and the action that comes when we all gather together. I love all of your storytelling and the compassion with which you speak about the people that you obviously know very well. This personally for me is a very important part of my month so thank you everybody

Side by Side member

Action Learning was absolutely phenomenal… it gave me that kick up the backside to make plans – pushing things forward. I really liked that the process was that I was trying to find out answers for myself

Relationship Makers participant

[What I enjoy about these sessions is] meeting other practitioners and hearing about their work, […] the diversity of the content and speakers […] the camaraderie and support. It can be lonely and draining work and I get a sense people are really valuing having a support network

Side by Side member

You don’t always see the obvious. Our organisation does so much but the Heatmap showed us we don’t really promote it as best as we could… this work will have a knock on effect

Relationship Makers participant

Professionally this project has kept me going. To have some direction, to meet regularly with like minded people. To have the opportunity to share my thoughts, to be treated as an expert.

Side by Side participant

Being in this space has solidified how crucial relationships are – it’s affirmed how much can change if you have good relationships

Relationship Makers participant

Featured: The Community Weaver’s Companion

  • How can we nurture strong communities in the good times as well as the bad? 
  • How can we sustain the community activity we saw in the early lockdowns without controlling and constraining it?
  • How do we build a positive Covid legacy and resist the pull back to old ways? 

Collaboratively created by the wonderful members of our Side by Side Convening in early 2022, the Community Weaver’s Companion offers handy tools and frameworks, inspiring insights and anecdotes, and useful resources for diving deeper into what it means – and what it takes – to build strong communities from the inside.