What’s your Spirit of Lockdown?

Share your story to inspire a better, more connected future 

The stories we tell now about our response to Covid-19 will shape how we look back on this time, and how we move forward as a society. 

  • What are the truths that will inspire our better days? 
  • What’s the spirit you want to bottle to guide your way forward? 

Share your story of lockdown and join a community of story sharers across the country in celebrating the power of relationships and inspiring a conversation about how we can build back better, stronger and more connected. 

Explore others’ stories

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to write your own story or simply to understand people’s experiences during the lockdown, dive into our latest submissions.

Rosalyn – Spirit of Lockdown #1

I am still worried about the pandemic but I am proud of us and what we have achieved this year.

Collection from Swansea – Spirit of Lockdown #5

As part of our open call to Share your Story, we received this #SpiritOfLockdown collection from the Local Area Coordinators in Swansea. These seven people tell us about their experience and their journeys of the past turbulent year.

Frank – Spirit of Lockdown #4

Although he struggled with isolation and anxiety, he found ways to connect with others and get creative during this difficult time.

Susan – Spirit of Lockdown #3

A worry rollercoaster, friends, distance, jokes with neighbours, scared about the future and another lockdown.

Frauke – Spirit of Lockdown #7

As part of our open call to Share your Story, we received this #SpiritOfLockdown account from Frauke. Frauke set up and managed a local Whatsapp group in her community which Basil the dog played a big part in, keeping spirits high and helping forge community...

Simon – Spirit of Lockdown #2

I would like to remember the way that most of my relationships have changed for the better.

Kate – Spirit of Lockdown #6

As part of our open call to Share your Story, we received this #SpiritOfLockdown account from Kate*. Lockdown offered a Kate the opportunity to take a step back, reassess her life and reflect on the relationships that really matter to her.Setting the Scene: Life...

Everyone is welcome 

You don’t need to be an experienced storyteller to take part. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or being the next JK Rowling – we want to hear about your experience of lockdown in your voice and in whichever format works best for you. 

You might want to write your story, to video it, audio record it, draw it, tell it alone, tell it in pairs. Choose the format that works best for you and get sharing! 

Populating the map

We’re building an interactive map to showcase and celebrate stories of lockdown from across the UK. In early 2021 we’ll be inviting storytellers and local decision makers to come together to draw out lessons and shape a better, more connected society post-Covid. 

You are under no obligation whatsoever to consent to your story being shared publicly – it’s entirely up to you to decide whether you’d like to share it or keep it private. Whichever format you decide to share your story – written or multimedia – please take a moment to let us know whether you’re happy for your story to be shared.