A World of Good Relationships 

Our work, our learning so far and our plans for the future

How are we to respond to the long tail challenges of Covid and to the injustices that it exposed? How to heal divided communities, to respect difference, trade fairly, care for the displaced, or share the natural world? How are we to live together? More than ever, the big questions in 2021 are all about relationships. Their substance and character will determine the direction and quality of our lives.

A World of Good Relationships sets out our long-term vision for a world built for and around relationships. We take stock of our learning to date, looking back on two and a half years of listening, collaborating and building, and we invite you to join us on this journey to building a better society by building better relationships. 

Strong relationships are not a frilly accessory in a happy neighbourhood, a thriving school, an effective health service, a flourishing business, or a successful and cohesive society. They are the making of it all. Working towards a world of good relationships, wherever we are and whatever we do, is simple common sense. We want to make it common practice. 

What’s inside?

Our long-term vision

We share our vision for a world of good relationships – a world where everyone, everywhere, values and prioritises relationships

Our journey so far

We look back on three years of listening, learning, building and collaborating towards a world of good relationships 

Our learning to date

We reflect on what we’ve learnt about how to build reciprocal, trusting, learning relationships, drawing particularly on Covid experiences 

Our two year plan

We set out our goals for the next two years for building the body of knowledge, developing tools and training and catalysing collective action

Imagine a world of good relationships

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