The Relationships Observatory is a space where we focus on the impact Covid is having on relationships. We invite you to join us in exploring what’s changed, how it’s changed and what we need to do to develop the positives beyond the crisis.

In March 2020 – when the spread of coronavirus gathered pace – we established The Relationships Observatory. Alongside our network of observers, we’re gathering examples and insights about how people are adapting during the crisis. We are continuing to explore what we need to do now to look back on 2020 as the year we not only helped each other in an emergency, but also the year we changed for good.

The stories on these pages represent a tiny proportion of that important work. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Turning To the Light

Turning to the Light

Looking back on a year of disruption and looking forward to a period of recuperation and renewal, this report updates our learning and introduces new resources

Kit for Councils

What’s the appropriate statecraft, in style and substance, for enabling and supporting community activity? This kit contains resources to help councils navigate towards the light 

Active Neighbours Guide

9m willing volunteers extended a helping hand during Covid. What are the stories behind the statistics? What’s needed to support them to carry on caring? 

Bridge Builder's Handbook

Resilient, connected communities are built from strong connections across divides. This Handbook aims to inspire and equip a nation of Bridge Builders

The Moment We Noticed

Bringing together contributions from over 50 collaborators, The Moment We Noticed draws together what we’ve learnt from 100 days of behaving differently

The Spirit of Lockdown

What’s your Spirit of Lockdown? Join our community of story sharers in reflecting on what Covid 19 has meant for your relationships and the spirit you want to take forward. 

Sightings from the Observatory

Our Sightings blog brings together reflections on the impact of the pandemic from our network of contributors. If you have an observation – however small or significant – we’d love to hear it. Please share them with us at hello@relationshipsproject.org

Share your story

Do you have a story of lockdown you want to share? Join a community of story sharers across the country in celebrating the power of relationships and inspiring a conversation about how we can build back better, stronger and more connected. 

The thinking around the Observatory

This short blog series shares more about the thinking behind the initiative and dives deeper into some of the issues raised in the Sightings.
Changing for good

Changing for good

In brief In this blog, originally written for and published by Nesta, David asks the question:What can we do to keep the community spirit that was amplified by lockdown alive and make 2020 the year we changed for good? Some of us have suffered loss in recent months....

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Micro Care

Micro Care

Are there clues in the pandemic experience for the development of more community based, relationship centred social care? What would need to change and what support would it require? Here, David considers the implications, and the potential, for transforming the approach to social care.

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Developing the Framework: A paper for discussion

Developing the Framework: A paper for discussion

In brief In our report 'The Moment We Noticed: Learning from 100 days of lockdown', we invite you to join us in exploring how we might sustain the positives from the pandemic. This paper forms the backbone of our fourth invitation: to join us in developing the...

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