‘Measuring’ Relationships

One of the most pressing challenges shared by many who believe in the importance of relationships lies in demonstrating the added value that they bring. The intimacy and idiosyncracy of relationships defy the sort of measurement that we have come accustomed to, and this stands in our way of convincing ‘relationship skeptics’ of the need to put them front and centre.  

We do not profess to have the answers to this knotty conundrum, but we are committed to advancing the conversation by bringing together those who share an interest in this question. We’d love it if you’d join us. 

We are collectively in a place where the question of how best to measure or value relationships is deeply contested. Wherever you are, a huge amount of energy is poured into the question of how we articulate the value of relationships, and this is threatening our resolve.

Iona Lawrence

Through Thick and Thin

Opening up the conversation

Useful resources on measuring relationships

A systematic review of measures

In this series of blogs, Beca Sandu explores the many measures of social connections, unearthing key dimensions to help us think through what we’re measuring and how, when it comes to relationships  

A review of storytelling methods

Storytelling intuitively feels like an appropriate approach but is often criticised as being bias or wooly. This light-touch review explores ways in which we can apply rigor to story-based approaches to measurement.

Opening up the conversation

In June 2020, 40 of us gathered together to begin an exploration of why and how we might seek to measure relationships. We explored barriers and opportunities and left with as many questions as we did answers

Social connection measurement tools inventory

An inventory of over 50 measures for evaluating social connection, social isolation and loneliness compiled by Prachir Pasricha for the Foundation for Social Connection

A field guide to Ripple Effects mapping

Ripple Effects Mapping collects the untold stories and behind-the-scene activities that can ripple out from a specific program or activity. This field guide helps you get started

Measuring relational impact

In this presentation, David Jay of Relationality Lab discusses the properties of a relational system and shares thoughts around how we might measure relational impact

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