Bespoke support for building better relationships

We offer bespoke training for individuals and organisations looking for inspiration and support in building better relationships. Ranging from one-off 90 minute workshops through to an intensive 6-week programme, our training brings together warm and friendly cohorts in a peer learning environment. 

Introduction to Relationship Making

Our 90 minute introductory Relationship Makers programme introduces you to Relationship-Centred Design, inspiring and equipping you to explore the role that relationships can play in helping you to build back better, post-Covid. 

During the 90 minute session you will:

  • Map your key relationships
  • Explore how your relationships have been affected by Covid 
  • Identify why relationships are important to your organisation
  • Get inspired about how to strengthen your relationships

It’s a fun, interactive session designed to stimulate a new way of thinking and provide an introduction to a set of resources to help you on your journey towards becoming a Relationship Maker. 


The session works equally well for multidisciplinary groups who haven’t met before as for members of the same team. Group sizes can range from 6-20. 

Bespoke Heatmap Support

This 2 hour session provides you with bespoke support in exploring your Relationships Heatmap results, enabling you to identify the warm and cool spots in your relational practice and develop a plan of action. 

During the session you will: 

  • Identify and celebrate areas of your approach which are nurturing of good relationships
  • Analyse the areas of your approach which are less conducive to good relationships
  • Brainstorm ways of ‘warming up’ the cool spots in your relational practice 
  • Make practical commitments to simple steps for improving your approach to relationships

This session works particularly well for members from the same team or organisation who are bought into and committed to the importance of relationships. The collective function of the Heatmap means members of the same team can directly compare their results, prompting a dynamic conversation. Take a look at what other organisations have got out of this session here. 

This session can be run for groups of 4-12 participants. 

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer module welcomes you to our network of Relationships Associates who are equipped to deliver the Relationship Makers programme to their network and beyond. 

This four-week programme is delivered via a blended model with some videos / offline work alongside some live sessions. The number of live sessions is determined by the experience of the group. Where participants have experience facilitating peer spaces, we recommend 2 live 90 minute sessions. Participants are provided with comprehensive session plans and optional activities to equip them to deliver the training, and offered 3 one-to-one coaching sessions to support them during delivery. 

Through the train the trainer programme, you get access to: 

  • A comprehensive set of resources (session plans, detailed guidance on how to use our tools, a ‘pick and mix’ of peer learning exercises, a welcome pack to send to participants) which equip you to deliver the Relationship Makers programme 
  • A blended training programme in which you are introduced to The Relationships Project, recap the core tenants of coaching, and learn how to facilitate the programme through experiential learning delivered through a mixture of online and offline support
  • 3 one-to-one coaching supervision, ensuring consistency and quality assurance as well as on-hand support and post-delivery reflection 

This programme is for anyone who believes passionately in the importance of relationships, wants to advocate for this way of working, and is looking to develop their coaching skills. The train the trainer programme can be delivered to groups of up to 6 participants. 

Bespoke Training

We also offer bespoke training and workshop facilitation based on your interests and needs. This could range from a 60 minute presentation through to a multi-week interactive training programme. 

To find out more about any of the Training we offer, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Testimonials from past participants:

“I found the programme really useful just to connect with other people – you get to look at the same thing from different perspectives”

“Action Learning was absolutely phenomenal… it gave me that kick up the backside to make plans – pushing things forward. I really liked that the process was that I was trying to find out answers for myself.”

“Being in this space has solidified how crucial relationships are – it’s affirmed how much can change if you have good relationships.”

You don’t always see the obvious. Our organisation does so much but the Heatmap showed us we don’t really promote it as best as we could… this work will have a knock on effect.”

Past Training

In collaboration with Power to Change, we took a cohort of Community Businesses through an eight week peer learning programme. 

We created a friendly, warm group where new connections flourished. We used our Relationships Toolbox to create a blend of activities and discussion which helped inspire action while also facilitating a peer learning approach which provided emotional – as well as practical – support through a challenging period. 

Get in touch

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