The Relationship Makers’ Toolbox

Practical resources to help you put relationships at the heart of what you do

Our continually evolving Relationship Makers’ Toolbox helps people  everywhere to put relationships at the heart of the places they live and work. Take a look at the tools we’ve developed so far or have a read of how we can help you build better relationships with our bespoke training.

The Spirit of Lockdown

What’s your #SpiritOfLockdown? Our storybook will help you bottle the spirit of your best days to build back better, stronger, and more connected

The Relationship Makers Guide

How do you become a Relationship Maker? Our 5 step guide will help you put relationships at the heart of where you live and work

Case Study Cards

Looking for some ideas? The Case Study Cards will help you to draw inspiration from great real-life examples of relationship-centred practice 

The Relationships Heatmap

Are you maximising your relationships? The Relationships Heatmap will help you spot the warm and cool spots in your relationship practice

Get in touch

If you’d like to make your place more relationship-centred and are looking for help or inspiration, get in touch