Relationships Collective

Creating the infrastructure for a thriving field of relationship-centred practice 

Lots of people in lots of different spaces are doing amazing work around building better relationships, but the connections between these nodes are often weak or non-existent. We’re teaming up with Iona Lawrence, Grapevine Coventry and WarwickshireThe Jo Cox Foundation and Connection CoalitionThe Roots Programme and a growing list of others to experiment with approaches to join up the dots and create more than the sum of our parts. 

Our shared and uniting goal is to build a world that is designed for and around relationships: a world where relationships are the first mile, not the extra one.

Iona Lawrence

Three experiments

To get the ball rolling, we’re working in partnership to host three sets of experiments for deepening collaboration and building shared infrastructure 

Surfacing inspiring ideas

Open, welcoming events in which we can come together to discuss big ideas and a vision for a world built around relationships

Gathering around shared challenges 

Discussion and practical action around shared challenges including measurement and power 

Widening, deepening and strengthening

Mapping who’s doing what and weaving together existing networks to help us all find potential collaborators and kindred spirits

Get involved

To get involved in any of these experiments or to learn more about this work, get in touch with Iona at

This is a truly open invitation. Only with collective energy and many hands will we be able to create a world that puts relationships front and centre. 

Through Thick and Thin

How an infrastructure for relationships could unlock the collective action we need to accelerate progress towards a world designed for and around relationships 

Drawing on conversations with over 100 people, Iona Lawrence advocates for a more joined-up approach to building – and championing – relationships. She explores the beliefs that we share, the concerns we all hold, and the potential that could be unlocked if we were to deepen our collaborations. 

Building a Relationship Collective: Our Proposal

We have submitted an expression of interest to the Bringing People Together Fund at the National Lottery Community Fund to bring to life the idea of an infrastructure for relationships. Drawing inspiration from Joe Mills and friends in the democracy centre, we’ve decided to publish the proposal in the open so everyone can see what we’re hoping to do and more easily explore ways to collaborate. 

In short, the expression of interest we’ve submitted is for a two year project to design, test and build the necessary infrastructure to support shared learning and collaboration in the field of relationships and relationship-centred practice in the coming decades. 

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