Our Projects

What we’re currently working on 

Bridge Building

Working with Professor Neil Denton, a leading practitioner in conflict transformation, to help local connectors connect with other communities and “think like mediators”

Collective Action

Working alongside a growing ‘Collective’ to experiment with approaches for building stronger networks and connective infrastructure to join up those who believe in the power of relationships 

Covid and Relationships

Listening, learning and co-creating resources to build on the positives from the pandemic and put relationships at the heart of the ‘recovery’ alongside our network of Observers

Bespoke training

Bringing together our toolkit, case studies and thinking, we host bespoke, peer-led training workshops ranging from 90 minutes to intensive multi-week programmes

Relational Councils

Working with council director Tony Clements to support local authorities enhance their community relationships and reimagine their services with relationships at their heart

Active Neighbours

Working with those who support the time givers, formally or informally, to understand how to nurture their involvement and best support them in the future

Get in touch

We’ve got a range of projects on the go, all delivered in partnership with our fantastic network of Relationships Associates. All of our work is open and everyone is welcome to get involved. If you’re interested in finding out more or have an idea for a new area of work, we’d love to hear from you: hello@relationshipsproject.org

More about our work 

We’re on a mission to build a better society by building better relationships. To this end we are: 

Building the body of knowledge

Stories, case studies and experiential evidence seeking to answer the starter question: “What works when it comes to putting relationships first?”

Developing tools and resources

Practical tools, resources and training to answer the pragmatic question ‘What can we do here to nurture better relationships? 

Catalysing collective action

Developing collective infrastructure and making connections to answer the scaling question: “How do we spread and embed these ideas?”