The Relationship Makers’ Toolbox

Practical resources for putting relationships at the heart of what you do

We hope to support a critical mass of organisations, services and places to become relationship-centred. Ultimately, we want to spark a revolution of Relationship Makers who reimagine how we design and organise the places where we live and work, bringing about stronger, more resilient communities, more effective services and healthier, happier people.

Relationship-centred practice

Relationship-centred practice involves designing or organising a place to enhance, create or benefit from good relationships.

For example, we’d say a GP practice was relationship-centred if patients were able to see the same GP each time they visited; if the waiting room encouraged patients to interact with one another; or if there was a service that signposted patients to community activities.

Being relationship-centred can mean treating relationships as a valuable end in themselves, or as a means to realise other benefits – such as customer satisfaction or improving wellbeing.

What are good relationships?

All relationships are different, unique, idiosyncratic. But there are some core attributes that set ‘good’ relationships apart from transactional relationships. These are what Relationships Makers aspire to.

Personal – not impersonal

Two way, mutual – not one way, dependent

Liberating, empowering – not controlling, constraining

Responsive – not standardised

Warm – not cold

The Relationship Makers’ Toolbox

A work in progress

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